How the app works

1. Download and Registration
This app is available for Android and iOS.

For the registration, you only need a valid email adress and a password. You will have to verify your regsitration by opening a link in the verifivation email.

2. Checkin
The hotel reception will issue a SmartKey upon arrival, if you wish. 

You will get an email notification seconds after you registered. Start the app and log in. Your key data (room number) will be visible on the display.

3. Open a room
Tap the "open" button as soon as you arrive in front of your room.

The app will scan for the lock of you room.
As soon as it connects, your key data will be transmitted and the lock will open.


The app will work with Bluetooth Low Energy enabled devices with Android 4.4 or newer or Iphones with iOS 7 or newer.

You will need a workin internet connection for self-registration and receival of SmartKeys. In order to get notified about new key data, you must allow the device to receive push notifications.

Starting from Android 5, certain permissions are required to user BLE technology. Those permissions can be granted on the first start of the app. If you failed to grant those permissions, you will not be able to open any door. In this case, you will have to grant the permissions manually via the app settings.

Check, whether you are logged in using the correct account, and try to login again.


Every issued SmartKey is only valid for the speific device you registered with. It can not be transferred to another device. Nonetheless, as registered user you can activate more devices by logging into the app. As soon as a new SmartKey is requested, a new key will be issued for each of the devices.